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In a market drowning in lackluster Chinese imports, cringe-worthy gaming chair monstrosities, and brands more concerned with affiliate marketing than offering genuine value, we offer a solution. Amidst the chaos, explore our handpicked selection of office chairs that keep proving themselves for their quality, design, and value. 

Best Office Chairs is owned by Alan Desk Business Interiors inc. Located in Los Angeles California. We have been in business since 1941 and we have seen manufacturers come and go throughout the years.  We have designed commercial spaces for big and small companies, government agencies, Universities, and home offices, and we are very familiar with with what users want and expect. 

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Design Services

You can schedule a design session with us to find the perfect chair and textile for your chair.


All of our chairs come in many different fabrics and most of our vendors allow what is call COM*.

Best Prices

We have been around since 1941 and our vendors love us. Therefore we can pass extra discounts to you.

Having a positive impact in people's lives is what makes me get up in the morning.
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humanscale path chair wfh
via seating vero executive chair fully upholstered in a light maroon fabric
stylex seating F4 conference chair
davis furniture zen conference chair
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